PT. Agra Sinergi Selaras

PT. Agra Sinergi Selaras is an Reliable Information & Technology Solutions Company that focuses on Network & System Integration, Business Application Implementation, Consultation Service, Virtualization & Cloud Computing, Outsourcing, and Multimedia Solutions. We plan to direct our company toward making significant contributions to the Information Technology Industries.

Combining the experiences and skills that resulted from long time industrial exposures, we always make sure that every investment will yield a satisfactory return, both in the form of client's satisfactions or benefits for employees and shareholders a like.

Our mission is to give you a complete, efficient, and sound solution to your information technology system. If the solution is meant for improvement of your current system, It would fit nicely and be easily integrated. And if it is for a total replacement, we guarantee it will perform better for better results.

Our customer service and technical support is ready for you to minimize business process downtime due to any software & system failures.

We have good business relationships with leading and reputable Principle/Vendor that makes us capable in giving after sales service as well the maintenance. Together with our helpdesk and contact center, we can maintain our client products and needs.

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